Publication Boundary

Landing Page ➞ Publication Resources

The use of Typed Links in the HTTP Link header is illustrated for the paper:

Stephens, D. C., Kim, H. M., Kumar, A., Farahat, A., Boykin, D. W., and Poon G. M. K. Pharmacologic efficacy of PU.1 inhibition by heterocyclic dications: a mechanistic analysis. Nucleic Acids Research 44, 9 (Apr. 2016), 4005-4013.

This is a summary of the links that should be provided:

  • The Landing Page should have links with the item relation type pointing at each Publication Resource.
  • Each item link should have a type attribute to express the MIME type of the resource that is the target of the link.
  • Each Publication Resource should link back with the collection relation type at the Landing Page.

Link Headers for the Publication Boundary pattern

Visualization of link relations